Sea-Tube on your website

We have had Sea-Tube on our hotel website for over a year and we love the way it showcases our brand and allowed us to add videos as we shot them. Visitors stayed on our website longer and were more engaged with SeaTube on our site.

Bjoern Rittstieg
VMD Event Hotel
Rach Gia, Viet Nam

Medical Clinic

We opened our walk in clinic the first day with SeaTube, we never had cable TV! Not only did we reduce our start up and ongoing costs, but our clients never ask for traditional TV. We change from nature channels to children’s programing during the day, depending on who is in our waiting room.

Dr. Michael Hellemn
Sora Lily Clinic
Plano, TX

Auto Repair Shop

We were the first SeaTube installation and they created a channel for a national auto repair chain and our Scottsdale location was the first installation. It is a great service and our customers would often tell us they liked our SeaTube channel better than cable TV!

Charlie Spangler
Manager Midas Mufflers
Scottsdale, AZ