James Wood

Fascinated with garbage, Mr. Wood’s first four ventures were managing solid waste and recycling, but creating SeaTube took him into a new direction, managing visual garbage, TV! Mr. Wood is responsible for the overall look and feel of SeaTube, as well as the technical aspects of scaling the company. He hopes the only recycling you will do is hit replay your favorite channel over and over!


Dr. Nathalie Tejeda Coons

Dr. Coons graduated from medical school in 2007 and is responsible for insuring the medical content on SeaTube is accurate and appropriate. If you don’t feel well, watch two videos and call her in the morning!


James Lynch

Mr. Lynch is responsible for expanding SeaTube in the Americas. After studying in a bilingual international business program, he worked for a casting company. We asked him to put some of those crazy characters into our SeaTube videos!


Marisol Barriga

Keeping all our content organized and in line is no easy job, so we are lucky to have a former advertising agency exec and Univison producer of El Gordo y La Flaca , Ms. Barriga to create order from our chaos.


Brian Landau

Our CFO happens to have his own YouTube channel, BriansThing featuring his saxophone playing! He keeps all our books in order and all his notes on key!

Note from James

Always enamored with how to manage things, be it my comic book collection at age 16, the computers I collected for recycling or videos I liked on the internet, SeaTube.TV is my latest creation. When Spotify came along, I was hooked on managing music and making playlists. I even thought out a way to create a Muzak like service for waiting rooms, but why make something so 2009? Mix this idea, with a talented group of developers, lots of passion and a management team and you get SeaTube.TV!