Top Channels

  • Auto Repair Waiting Room A blend of informational videos about cars, funny videos about cars, and songs about cars.
  • Doctor’s Waiting Room A mix of informational, educational and entertaining videos about health.
  • Local Business Channel Video highlights of business members.

What we can do for you.

Entertain and inform your clients:
No longer will they have to watch Jerry Springer or a Soap Opera, nothing wrong with either of those, but is that really your demographic? We deliver quality, on message programming in as many locations as you can connect to the internet.
Create your branded channel(s):
Give your place a professional feel all day long with your ideas, your content, your logo and best of all, none of your competitors are on this channel!
Increase your sales:
Why not offer add ons, extras and upgrades to your clients as they wait?
Eliminate your cable bill
Why pay for cable when you can have complete control of the offerings and include your message?